The Range
The latest generation of our UL Series speakers combines what bassists have been asking for -the clarity and midrange depth of our UL speakers combined with the round warmth of our PS series. The new UL3’s combine the best of both for a sonic experience that lifts you to sonic nirvana.

The Technology
UL cabinets start with lightweight, yet strong Lite Ply Poplar plywood. Each cabinet is reinforced using our proprietary UL internal bracing system. We then add the latest generation Epifani-designed, USA-made ceramic drivers, which deliver greater sonic output with the same clarity that people have come to expect from our UL Series. From the polypropylene capacitors and 18 gauge inductors in the crossovers, to the specific tuning of each component, UL cabinets mix high-science and high-art to create a benchmark in bass cabinetry that are an essential component
for the most acclaimed bassists of our time.

The Sound

The legendary Epifani sound is based on getting your bass tone revealed to you and your audience intact. That means the broad clarity of the midrange, the full fundamental of the low end, and the singing highs of the upper register – all played with the fastest, most powerful dynamics anywhere. All of your notes are full, round and defined. That’s because you hear the whole note, and nothing but the whole note. Simple as it sounds, it’s what made our tone sought after by the world’s most inspired musicians.


2 x 10″ 250W Epifani Ceramic Driver
100 Watt Bullet Tweeter
Adjustable Tweeter Control
8 Ohms
500 Watt RMS
1000 Watt Peak
Response 40Hz – 16kHz
Sensitivity 102dB (1W@1m)
2 x SpeakonĀ  Input/output Connectors
Light Poplar Plywood
Dado Joint Construction
Textured Black Spray Finish
Steel Recessed Handles
18 Gauge Steel Grill
18.25″h x 23.25″w x 16.38″d
46 lbs


Epifani UL3 210