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Bass Southwest is proudly offering basses from Alleva-Coppolo Bass Guitars.  All Basses form Alleva-Coppolo are made to order.  Contact us directly for more information and to order you Alleva-Coppolo bass today!

Alleva-Coppolo Bass Guitars


Our Flagship bass. This ‘60s style bass is an alder/ rosewood combo bass and includes our own bypass-able our own ALLEVA-COPPOLO two band preamp, Pickups are made in-house specially for the LG to 60’s specs and material. This ‘60’s era alder/ rosewood combination is the sound heard on recordings from that era and probably throughout the later part of that century. That music and sound is still so fresh and current today as it was then, that it has made a comeback with the younger generations. To most of us, it’s the sound we grew up with and that familiarity why the LG series is our most asked for bass. Plenty of punch, and growl, and a thicker snap. Multiple options are available for fingerboard. Nitro and Poly finishes are available depending on your budget. Ask your local dealer what they have available or on order for that perfect fit.  To learn more about Alleva-Coppolo Bass Guitars, check out their website at Alleva-Coppolo


Click here for specs:  Alleva-Coppollo LG Series Specs

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