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The pleasure of a comfortable fretboard and a dynamically rich sound to emphasise every accent and inflection
The exotic wood used, as well as the seasoning and varnishing, provide excellent acoustics. The neck, making up the central part of the body (neck-thru body), consists of 5 to 7 sections of highly selected types of wood, guaranteeing absolute non-deformability.Strengthened by an inner graphite frame, Laurus necks are extremely easy to hold thanks to their craftwork and particular asymmetrical moulding. They also incorporate a new double-acting truss-rod system, allowing millimetric adjustment, both in convexity and concavity.The electronic components fitted to Laurus bass guitars are always top quality, in order to faithfully reproduce all the sustain and the series of harmonics created by the instrument, with great timbre versatility of a high professional level. The absence of background noise and output impedance provide an excellent signal for amplifiers, mixers and recording.Available with 4, 5 and 6 strings, fretted or fretless.The two communicating tone chambers housed inside the body are intended to enhance mid and treble-mid frequencies, and to make the instrument increasingly sensitive to vibration, remarkably speeding up the sustain attack.

Types of wood used for the body    Kaya-mahogany with tone chamber and decorative top in Olive/Santos rosewood/European flamed maple
Neck    laminate, 5 to 7 alternate sections in maple and purpleheart wood, with an exclusive asymmetrical shape designed from a hand mould – extraordinary comfort!

Laurus Basses
Laurus Basses available in 4,5 and 6 strings basses at basssouthwest
Headstock    slotted-in with lockpin fastening according to the best criteria of classic stringed instrument making – greater solidity
Scale    34”
Fretboard    phenolic resin – greater compactness, better sustain, less humidity absorption, increased life of string grooves, eliminates dead notes
Machine head tuners    End of body with high-precision tuning. Headstock locking allowing maximum transmission speed by the strings (all types of strings can be used)
Nut    in brass, with individual string adjustment
Bridge    with independent brass saddles in one piece
Pick up    Nordstrand Humbuker (single-coil, T 900 SC version)
Tone Controls    Noll 3-way (bass – mid – treble) preamplifier triggered at +/- 15dB, push-pull active/passive general volume, pick-up balance. 9-18 volt power supply.
Fretless bass guitars are fitted with a preamplifier with semi-parametric mid frequencies.
Varnishing    Handicraft “waxed” polyurethane varnishingWorld Wide Delivery
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