CLARUS – Series 4plus 2-Channel Amplifier

The Clarus amplifier head can be matched with most any speaker cabinet, for use with a huge variety of instruments. Its clean, transparent sound is exceptional for bringing out the best in acoustic instruments like upright or acoustic-electric bass, acoustic or jazz-box guitar, violin, mandolin, cello, harp, ukulele, and more. Unlike the amps of the (not so distant) past, you don’t need a roadie to help you move it, either – this 650w preamp/amplifier is under 5 lbs, and fits easily into a small padded carry bag (included) that you carry with one hand.Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThe Clarus head is the same “front end” featured in Acoustic Image’s popular combos, like the Coda, Ten2, and Corus models, with the newest, quietest, most reliable power amp yet.Couple this amazing head with an Acoustic Image “EX” extension speaker, or with a bass or guitar speaker from another manufacturer. It even sounds great powering a passive PA speaker, like a JBL or Mackie wedge! Provides full-range, uncolored sound for the most realistic reproduction of your acoustic instrument. (Though it works great with keyboards, too!)

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CLARUS – Series 4plus 2-Channel Amplifier

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