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About Trickfish Amplification

Trickfish Amplification was birthed out of the passion and imagination of our founder Richard Ruse in 2014. The company is dedicated to delivering a collection of killer products that will serve as valuable tools for discerning bassists as they seek inspiration for their artistic vision. We are devoted to developing new products and re-imagining familiar products with the expressed intention of helping musicians realize their true potential. We share a common vision of intelligent design, precision, delectable tone and rugged durability in everything we build and we’re committed to providing impeccable customer service, service that’s commensurate with the quality we strive to deliver in every design we offer.
Trickfish was formed in 2014 by bassist/designer/businessman Richard Ruse, a veteran player who’s logged thousands of studio and stage hours as a professional bassist. He’s also spent over 25 years’ developing market shifting product for SWR Engineering, KRK Systems and JBL Professional while providing leadership at a strategic level for these companies and others. His global experience, dedicated work ethic and commitment to the arts has defined his personal mission of promoting music through technological excellence and treating customers with a deep respect for their support of that product.
“All of my years in music and audio have been dedicated (in part) to the pursuit of truly musical tone; natural, organic… whatever you want to call it, but believable tone that inspires a player or sound engineer to reach inside and reveal their artistic dream. Here’s the thing – when the music sounds good people listen and when people listen, music can change their lives. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in product development is that there’s a delicate marriage between science and art if you want to take something from simply being “good enough” to that goose bump giving, sublime tone that inspires a musician to step it up and really touch people with their playing.”