Fuchs FBS-1 700 Bass Amps


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Fuchs FBS-1 Bass Amps! 4 models tube, solid state, 350 and 700 watts !

Much like Andy’s original ODS amps were initially inspired by the legendary Dumble amps, these cool, new Fuchs FBS-1 bass amps are inspired by rare and iconic Walter Woods bass amps.

Andy has years of experience as a working musician, as well as servicing and tweaking guitar and bass amps for many famous clients as diverse as Carlos Santana through jammers like Jimmy Herring, including jazz legends like Dave Stryker for over 40 years. The list of Fuchs endorsers and glowing reviews is truly stunning.

Over the years, Andy has become the go-to guy for Woods amp owners for service on these very rare, unique bass amps. Through this, he’s learned a great deal about what made them so iconic: He was able to not only reverse engineer these iconic 70’s and 80’s designs, but to also improve on them with modern refinements like instrumentation grade op-amps and precision passive components and circuit refinements, which were not available when these amps were first made.

The FBS-1 bass amps will be available in 300 and 700 watt models and feature a unique preamp design which evolved from the Walter Woods M-series preamps with multiple modern enhancements like a steep-slope subsonic filter, high speed audiophile op amps, and a unique balanced DI output with pre/post switch, ground lift, DI Phase, and a global mute switch.

Small and light, (downright diminutive) at less than 5-lbs and 12 x 3 x 9, loud and clean, as well as easy to operate, the FBT-1 amps will easily fit in a gig bag, run ice-cold, and feature a well thought out, simple configuration for the working musician.

These amps feature an input gain control allowing both passive and active bass use, Baxandall high and low controls, a parametric midrange control with fully variable level and frequency controls and an output master volume.

All models use the industry-standard Ice power modules, which are known for their rocksolid reliability and excellent cool-running, audio performance.

The amps feature a buffered patch loop between the preamp and power amp. All amps are CE and RoHs compliant and operate on all global voltages without modification.



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