Bass Southwest Testimonials

Adam Wright “Lou at Bass Southwest is excellent to deal with. As good as it gets with customer service IMO.”

Xqusemuah “I can tell you from personal experience that Lou and Bass Southwest are the best.I have done several transactions there and always a good experience.Lou will make sure you are taken care of. He is actually a bass player so he understands our needs. He has a lot of depth in the business and sure knows a lot of pro players A++”

9am”Lou knows his stuffs. I ordered a new Mike Lull bass from him and can’t wait to play that bass.”

Lawgiver“I recently purchased an Epifani Piccolo head and UL3 112 cabinet from Lou at Bass Southwest and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend him for your high end gear purchases. Lou will treat you right.”

BassBaba“I have nothing but great things to say about Bass Southwest…
Mainly because Lou is one of the most upstanding, fair and honest people in this biz…
Also, customer service is very important to me and it doesn’t get any better then Bass Southwest. If there is a problem, they are prompt on getting back to you and solving it.”Baba Elefante

Modulsan“Lou is a great guy to deal and talk. very nice”

Kussman“I ordered this beauty from basssouthwest:…lite-6-string/This was my first oversea-purchase (I am located in Germany) and I am more then happy about the deal.The whole transaction was perfect: very nice communication – Lou really knows the stuff – fast delivery, excellent packaging and, of course, a breathtaking outstanding bass.I can strongly recommend this shop. Whenever I am looking for something I cannot get in Europe this is for sure my #1 address.”

Johnathc21“yes i just purchased a $6,000 Ken Smith BSR6-EG bass from BassSouthWest…Louie the owner/dealer i could not speak highly enough..Service and overall experience dealing with him was impeccable.Considering my KS had to come from L.A. to Melbourne,Australia from the time i initiated the purchase i had the beautiful bass in my hands within 7 days and of course in mint condition thanks to FedEx.As an extremely fussy muso i reiterate,i could not be any happier with the serviceBassSouthWest provided.”
Evan Marian stated” I worked with Lou (and BassSouthwest) on getting a custom Ken Smith and I must say, I am highly impressed with the results. Lou offered fantastic service, working with me on getting the right bass for my tastes. I would highly recommend working with Bass Southwest to get your dream bass!
Dann Glen stated”Lou’s Bass Southwest is one the most trusted name in its field. Lou is also extremely knowledgeable in the finer details of bass making, and this really helps players dial-in what they are looking for. There’s a reason famous and not so famous players all go to Lou…because Bass Southwest is the best.”
 Ric Fierabracci Great selection and great service. Because of their knowledge, Lou and his team can get you the right bass and help you save a lot of time and money. Great guys to deal with.
Roberto Vally Bass southwest is a wonderful company with great personal knowledge of all the products that they sell. Keep up the good work Lou!!
 Amanda Ruzza What is so great about Bass Southwest is that Lou the president of the company is as passionate about basses as we are. For him it’s not about selling another instrument, it’s about connecting groundbreaking luthiers and boutique manufacturers with bassists. Lou will sell you only the best instruments, for the right price and ship it to you so fast that ‘death-by-the-anxiety-of-receiving-a-new-bass’ won’t happen.

Andrew Kallenberger

Getting ready to come home from NAMM. Such an unbelievable experience. A big thank you to Lou at Bass Southwest for everything! If you haven’t already checked them out, you need to. Lou is a great guy and will take great care of you. I can’t speak highly enough about Lou and Bass Southwest!

Jordan Westfall

NEW GEAR CAME IN!!!!! NO more excuses about my sound! This bad boy is EVERYTHING I’ve been looking for in an amp!!! The sound is immaculate!! =D MANY thanks to Bass Southwest For the KILLER service! They help bass players like NO other company out there! Super friendly, Shipped quickly & arrived 4 days later!! Killer considering in in the Mountains!!!! Cant wait to do Biz with these guys again!! =)

  Larry Neal Jenkins
I’ve been looking into MANNE basses for a while, and focused on the Glenn Hughes SOULMOVER Model.
I have quite a few high-end basses, and after JUST receiving the SOULMOVER from Lou at Bass Southwest the other day, I am almost at a loss for words-
Almost, but not quite!
The build quality of this bass is amazing, there is no detail from fit & finish, to fretwork, to the electronics/pre-amp package, to the incredibel NECK on this bass that I don’t like.
The SoulMover has a given weight of around 8 lbs. but feels MUCH lighter. It is compact and ergonomic, and the tone is HUGE.
This instrument has incredible natural bottom even when eq’d flat, but- tweak the EMG P/J pups combined with a 2-band eq and Balance knob (often overlooked as a great EQ tool) and the SoulMover gets RIDICULOUS!  Tight, controlled lows, perfectly balanced mids, and enough treble punch to do whatever you need to do!
The tones are perfectly balanced along the spectrum; all four strings; and you can easily go from deep-down thunder Dub Bass, or Old-School Motown; all the way up to the crispest, cleanest, most modern highs.
Andrea at MANNE is truly a master craftsman. It’s obvious he has a passion and dedication to building World-Class stringed instruments.
Combine this with the flair for design that Italy is known for- An Amazing WIN!
Lou at Bass Southwest deliverd (literally!) great service, and his products are all top-end, for the serious and dedicated player.
Absolutely worth checking out, super competetive pricing and expert knowledge too.
There aren’t too many MANNE basses here in the States, I think the European community is ahead of us here in the States on that!
The MANNE product outdistances just about any other brand in terms of feature, build quality, playability, construction, design…
And the TONE!!!!
 Larry Neal Jenkins
Los Angeles, CA

Francesco Pirolo

I have known Lou for quite sometime when it was time to order my next bass (a terrific Ken Smith BT6 19mm spacing) I knew I would order it through Bass Southwest. The whole experience has been delightful and a joy.

Lou’s close relationship with Ken Smith Basses helped me in the ordering process and made it very simple. Lou’s knowledge of Ken Smith basses was superb. Updates were constantly provided during the build time.I actually received the bass sooner than expected, witch is not usual when it comes to custom basses.

I thank Bass Southwest and Ken Smith Bases. I highly recommend Bass Southwest to all bass players worldwide.

Francesco Pirolo,

Semi-pro player, Italy

Paul Phillips

I have nothing but praise for Lou and Bass Southwest ,I had a nightmare thrown upon me some months ago by a shipping company, I won`t get into details, But my Smith was damaged in shipment. Lou went above and beyond to help me move past the damaged Smith by stepping in and jumping thru loops for me.

I have the most beautiful Smith Black Tiger BT TNV thanks to Lou, Lou`s help in the order process was passionate because he is a player him self and understands a players needs. Customer relations is heartfelt for everyone that he deals with, Lou`s contact & updates during the build process was outstanding. I give Lou and Bass Southwest a standing ovation and a 5 star rating.
I will bring all my business to Bass Southwest with out question in the future, It does not get any better than Bass Southwest for your top notch Gear and Basses, Again thanks for every Lou!

Paul Phillips

Frank Backes

This has been one of the greatest bargains in my musical life. I just couldn’t resist the occasion offered by Bass Southwest: A “used” Pedulla Pentabuzz for a fraction of the price of a new instrument. Even though this bass was built in 2000 it has never been played and it is de facto new. Absolutely mint and flawless.

Apart from that, shipping to Germany was no big deal for Lou and went smoothly. The bass arrived professionally packed up, thoroughly cushioned and all wrapped in plastic foil. Needless to say it looks, sounds and plays like a dream. Even more than I had expected. It was a great pleasure to do business with Lou

Frank Backes-Germany

Fabio Businaro-Italy 

  I had a very nice customer experience with Bass Southwest  when I decided to buy my first Ken Smith 6 string BT Elite. Lou  has been always supportive, providing me with all the needed data for a full understanding of the bass features, and then for the logistic stuff, like shipment, packaging and invoicing. This was an international shipment and everything was perfect , no problem at all. I strongly suggest Bass Southwest for any your inquires about basses and bass amps. Great bass/amp selection and great service.
Fabio Businaro-Italy
Harry Evangelou ( Uk Bassist ) 
I Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Lou from Bass Southwest for my lovely Ken Smith cocobolo elite 5 that I bought from him, the bass is fantastic as was the service throughout the whole buying process right down to shipping to the UK.
I can honestly recommend Bass Southwest for your bass needs for a honest and friendly service and great communication throughout, so much so that I have ordered another Bass a Ken Smith Black Tiger Elite.
Once again many thanks
Hadrien Feraud 
Lou is a great person a personal friend and very knowledgeable about basses and amplification, he is highly recommend